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Contributing contextualized policy solutions to socioeconomic development challenges.

PEP is an international organization that links researchers globally to enhance capacity for development policy analysis in developing countries.

PEP research contributes to informing national and international debates related to economic policy, poverty, gender and sustainable development.


The key challenge for Africa is how to sustain and translate rapid economic growth into inclusive growth that will help end extreme poverty, reduce inequality and create opportunities for productive employment and shared prosperity. Find out more about PEP Policy Forum conclusions and recommendation.

In 2014, PEP was invited by the African Development Bank (AfDB), Cornell University and the World Bank to participate in a major African initiative for high quality research and capacity building on Structural Transformation of African Agriculture and Rural Spaces (STAARS). 

The 2015 PEP Monitoring & Evaluation Report provides an overall review of the progress and outputs of PEP activities in terms of research and policy analysis, capacity building and policy engagement.

84 developing country researchers to benefit from PEP’s unique research support and capacity building program

According to PEP Executive Director, Dr Bekele Shiferaw,  agriculture remains one of the key economic sectors in reducing poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa, and thus the integration of farmers into inclusive value chains is crucial. Dr Shiferaw recently attended a panel discussion at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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